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    Tibia XenoBot 10.37 Download


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    Tibia XenoBot 10.37 Download

    Mensagem por Gonzo em Ter Mar 18, 2014 11:02 am

    XenoBot 10.37 Download

    Tibia New Xenobot Tibia 10.37

    *Advanced Cavebot
    *Ability to create powerful depositors and refillers
    *Lua scripting functionality
    *Slick, integrated GUI
    *Powerful healing interface
    *Advanced combo bot and frag helper
    *Cutting-edge integration technology
    *Light Hack
    *Advanced X-Ray
    *Showing item/creature ID’s on look
    *Showing mana bar above head
    *Magic wall and tree wall timers
    *Mana restore
    *Paralyze cure
    *Advanced poison, burn, electrified and curse cure
    *Re-cast haste, mana shield, invisible, and recovery
    *Summon and slime identification
    *Hold target
    *Enhanced backpack information
    *Saving and loading of settings
    *Exiva shortcuts
    *Advanced HUD
    *Intelligent trade watcher
    *Even more!


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